Ray Jacksons Rising Stars were founded in the spring of 2005 by Ray Jackson and his longtime childhood friend Kevin Robinson. Together, with a group of very talented and dedicated parent volunteers, the Rising Stars Academic and Athletic Program was born.

The Rising Stars have since grown to be one of the premier AAU basketball programs in the Central Texas area with many of its players going on to be successful at the collegiate level.

The Rising Stars Academic and Athletic Program is a non-profit organization that stresses the needs of today's youth. Through our program we strive to provide social, educational and recreational opportunities for children from diverse backgrounds so they may become contributing members of their families and communities. A major program objective is our use of basketball. Through sports, we are able to reach children from all walks of life and help them achieve their goals and become responsible adults. Today's youth face multiple risks in making decisions about their education, careers, health, and relationships with others, society is widespread with examples of actions that are detrimental to our youth. Increased effort by all youth serving organizations is needed to provide the positive choices that will allow our youth to grow up to be responsible citizens. The Rising Stars have the ability to promote life skills that should provide our youth the chance to cope with the challenges that they will face in everyday life.

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